Learn more about 4 Post Racks

Select from a variety of open frame 4 post server racks. Ranging from 9u to 54u, and supporting weights up to 3000 lbs, we have the 4 post open frame rack to fit your project needs.

The Cruxial RS-4POSTRACK is adjustable in depth from 23.5" to 35.5". The heavy duty 4 post, six rail open frame series is available in 24"d, 30"d, 36"d and 42"d. Heights range from 14u to 48u.

The Slim 5 series is an excellent choice for small areas with a footprint of only 19.5"w. Select a 4 post network rack from usable depths of 20" and 26".

If you prefer the standard telco 12-24 mounting rail, the DSR24-36 is for you. Also adjustable in depth, these 4 post server racks are available in 27u and 42u.

The Cruxial small mini frame racks are only 9u and 12u high, also adjusting in depth from 23.5" to 35.25". Mini in size, these 4 post server racks are perfect for under desks, or on top of work stations and tech benches.

Order a 4 post network rack online, call toll free 1-800-962-2576 to talk with your account manager, or email sales@serverrack.com

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