Learn more about Seismic Earthquake

Do you need certified computer server racks that meet Zone 4 seismic requirements? In the event of an earthquake or seismic event, the type of computer server racks and server rack enclosures used to house data center IT equipment is critical. This rack is often the deciding factor in whether or not the equipment will remain active. Selecting the proper enclosure could mean the difference between failure and continued functionality. Even if you are not concerned about your equipment actively functioning during an earthquake, you definitely don't want it unracking amidst bent or falling rails, or getting crushed within the steel walls of an unstable rack.

Most manufacturers of data center racks, computer server racks, and enclosures offer products that are marketed as offering "seismic protection"; however, there can be big differences in the standards used to achieve those labels, and major disparities in the level of protection that those products provide. Based on the standard, patented frame design of the RS, RSP and FRS server rack Cruxial series, Rackmount Solutions' seismic server rack has been tested and 3rd party certified to meet Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63-CORE Zone 4 seismic requirements for earthquake environments.

In addition to Telecom, Network and IT environments, this enclosure is ideal for any rugged or deployed application where resistance to shock, bending and vibration is required.

Order online, or call your account manager toll free 1-800-962-2576 to discuss your project and Zone 4 seismic requirements. Or email your questions to sales@serverrack.com.

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