Learn more about Soundproof Server Rack

When your IT equipment is exceptionally loud, the Ucoustic and AcoustiQuiet soundproof server cabinets can save your sanity.

These 19" sound reducing quiet racks virtually eliminate sound perception and/or reduce it down to acceptable working tolerance levels. At the same time, several models remove large amounts of heat, making inside the rack cooler than the ambient air in the room!

Unlike standard cabinets, these soundproof server racks have patented designs manufactured specifically to reduce IT equipment noise, while remaining thermally viable. Each series of quiet server racks have been third party independently tested to reduce noise to its advertised dB levels. These racks are sold all over the world and are a solid investment in your IT budget.

Order soundproof server racks online, call your account manager toll free at 1-800-962-2576 to discuss your project, or email your questions to sales@serverrack.com.

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