Learn more about Specialty Server Racks

There are times when your network requires special server rack cabinets or enclosures. Your room is too hot, the equipment is too loud, your switch vents air left to right, etc. If you are in a seismic area, it may be urgent that your network be housed in a seismic certified server rack. It's time to order server racks online at ServerRack.com.

If your server rack cabinets are in a non-secure area, a co-location cabinet may segregate the untouchable equipment from the products that are allowed more general access. Dirty environments may require a NEMA 12 certified rack.

There is no substitute for a specialty server rack or cabinet, built specifically to meet higher level IT challenges. ServerRack.com has listened carefully to our customers. We have developed these specialty IT racks and cabinets specifically to meet your needs.

Purchase server racks online or call your account manager at toll free 1-800-962-2576 or email sales@serverrack.com. If one of our standard specialty cabinets is not quite right for your application, most are customizable as needed.

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