Learn more about Portable Air Conditioners

Spot cooling is sometimes necessary in many IT applications. AmeriCool portable server rack air conditioners are a great solution with broad flexibility to suit most applications including mission critical and harsh environments. Direct the airflow at one piece of hot equipment or place in a corner of the room for additional server room cooling to assist your ambient AC system.

In addition to server room cooling, these portable server room air conditioner units have many commercial applications as well, including: laboratories, work stations, warehouses, portable buildings, manufacturing stations and more.

Ranging from 10,000 BTU to 61,000 BTU, these server room air conditioning units solve heat problems or equipment placed on south or west walls in warmer areas of the country. Use a server rack air conditioner as needed and put away in a utility room when their work is done.

Order a server room air conditioner online, email sales@serverrack.com or contact your account manager toll free at 1-800-962-2576 to help decide which server room cooling units work best for your projects.

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