Learn more about Air Flow Management

Optimize your server room with server rack cooling and datacenter cooling systems. Innovative and efficient products like KoldLok, HotLok and AiselLok are designed for rack airflow management to save money in cooling costs and energy consumption.

A study conducted by Upsite Technologies determined that up to 60% of cooled air does not reach IT equipment air intakes. Unsealed openings in raised flooring causes bypass airflow that contributes to hot spots and cooling inefficiencies. The Koldlok raised floor airflow management products are designed to significantly reduce bypass airflow issues and improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates.

HotLok server rack cooling airflow products have been specifically engineered to avoid high temperature intake air. This is done by controlling the ability of hot exhaust air to reach the front of IT cabinets. These data center cooling systems feature nifty blanking panels and grommets that let you optimize cooling and increase equipment reliability by controlling bypass airflow, reducing hotspots, and allowing lower temperature air to be delivered to the intake side of server cabinets.

Rack airflow management and server rack cooling could save energy by allowing lower cooling unit setpoints.

Order data center cooling systems and rack airflow management supplies online or call your account manager toll free at 1-800-962-2576 to discuss which product works best for your project.

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