About ServerRack.com

Dear Customers,

After several years of research and eight months of development we are excited to announce the launch of ServerRack.com, a Rackmount Solutions company.

Our goal at ServerRack.com is to provide you, the IT / Networking Professional, with any and all products accompanied by the necessary spec sheets, videos, and tools to help make your decision as simple as possible - In turn saving you as much as time as possible.

At ServerRack.com we will add solutions every month based on your feedback. If you ask for it, we’ll do our best to have it readily available for purchase at your next visit.

ServerRack.com carries the same great qualities that made our parent company, Rackmount Solutions, a trusted name in the industry:

• Unmatched customer service
• Unparalleled speed
• Unprecedented product selection and quality

In additional to amassing reliable product lines, we have a profound desire to make the purchasing process easier. To achieve this, we added a number of features to help with the ease of navigation including filterable attributes encompassing size, price, manufacturer, and product style.

To create an individual relationship with ServerRack.com customers we added the ability to create personal online accounts allowing you to view purchase history, compile a wish list for future projects, and compare individual products side by side.

Finally - We at ServerRack.com genuinely welcome your feedback. Please let us know what we can do in order to better meet your needs and make your jobs easier. Thanks in advance for visiting, we look forward to seeing ServerRack.com becoming the preferred destination for all IT / Networking Professionals.


Tom Currier CEO