Shipping & Returns

Shipping is Important, powered by Rackmount Solutions, wants you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and that includes the shipping method to your location. Items ship by UPS daily, or LTL motor freight truck and/or their designated partner/contractors. If you have an established account with a delivery company, we will make every effort to ship on that carrier, and you will be billed directly by them. Please tell us at the time the order is placed. Some orders ship within 1 hour of order entry.

Need help with Freight?

Some of our customers are experienced shipper/receivers with fully staffed receiving departments and docks. Other customers are not as experienced, or have no formal receiving area or staff and may find trucking company definitions and policies confusing. The trucking company defines the delivery policies and fees, and we pass them along to you on your invoice.

Domestic and International Shipping Quotes

We quote a firm shipping price on products for 30 days. Volume expedited and international quotes are good for 7 days. Anytime you want to know the total cost of your order before shipping, call (800) 352-6631 or email .

Shipping Notices

Customers purchasing products transported by LTL motor freight will receive tracking (PRO#) and LTL Receiving Instructions via e-mail. For delivery appointments, please call your carrier direct at the number provided. If you don't keep an appointment with the carrier, additional shipping fees are charged for redelivery by the carrier. Customers needing a lift gate truck at destination must notify us at time of purchase. Second delivery attempts will incur additional fees. Trucking companies have their own fee/delivery rules. These fees are beyond our control and are billed to us from the transportation company. 

Types of Delivery


This type of delivery is least expensive and refers to your receiving area as having a "dock high" area, where the truck backs up, unloads directly from the trailer straight across to your dock. You or your designated shipping staff will then take the product to the end user. If you do not have a dock, you may need to order a truck with lift gate service.

Lift Gate Service.

This is a truck with the "elevator" tail gate that brings your product from the back of the truck to the ground. Once it is on the ground, you bring it into your building. This type of truck typically adds $65-$100 to the shipping bill, depending on which carrier is used in your area. If you don't have a dock area, but have a forklift or are willing to take the package off the truck, you can avoid the lift gate fee. 

Inside Delivery.

Inside Delivery means the driver will bring your product into the front door of your building. The driver may place product where you want it, on the first floor, but it is at his discretion based on how much time he has. This service can add an additional $85 - $125 dollars. Freight companies may not make inside delivery into buildings with special flooring such as marble or plush carpeting without special provisions. Should you have questions, please contact our office at (800) 352-6631. 

Products can be delivered above multi-story levels by freight elevator only and will have additional charges. Delivery up or down stairs is at the discretion of the freight company in your area. Not every company provides stair service. These deliveries require 2 drivers and additional fees. Please notify your sales rep should you require this service.

Installation Service.

If you are short handed, do not have a receiving staff, or want your package unwrapped and trash hauled away, you may want to have an independent contractor receive your product at his location. He will inspect it for damage, call you for delivery time, deliver, and place the product exactly where you want it. He will dispose of all packing materials. The cost for this service varies, depending on how many items are being delivered, your delivery conditions, such as stairs, no elevator, etc. Typically adds an additional $125+ to cost of delivery. 

Residential Deliveries.

Residential deliveries that come by truck (non-UPS or Fed-Ex) require a lift gate. Most transportation companies charge an additional fee for residential deliveries in addition to the lift gate truck charge. These fees also apply to churches, schools, hospitals, and universities, and are beyond our control.

Important Notes

Unless otherwise arranged, we ship FOB Origin, prepay freight, and add. This means we pay the freight charges and add them to your invoice. You own the merchandise while it is in transit. If there are any damage claims, you as the buyer, file against the trucking company and receive compensation directly from them. We do this because we are not there to personally inspect/accept the shipment when it arrives. We do not know your dock, receiving conditions, or staffing.

If within 30 days of shipping, the product you ordered does not perform as represented, call for an RMA:

Return Materials Authorization (RMA)

Items returned without a RMA will not be credited to your account. The product must be returned in original packing, in like new condition. Your account will be credited after the product arrives back to our warehouse in previously stated condition. It may be to your benefit to take a photo of the product before it is repacked for return. Then if it is damaged in transit a damage claim can be filed. Items returned to the warehouse with scratches, dents, missing parts or manuals will not be given credit. It is Rackmount Solution's sole discretion as to the condition of a returned item. You will be emailed a photo of the condition of the returned product if credit is not issued.

Please email tracking number to when you send the product back. RMA numbers must be used within 30 days of issuance or the RMA is canceled. Return instructions will be emailed to you. Contact if you need to return a product.

Proof of Delivery (POD)

When you return the item, email or fax a POD such as copy of the tracking #, UPS bill of lading, etc. to us so that the shipment can be researched if it doesn't reach the warehouse. 

Can't Use it

If you order a standard product and find it doesn't meet your application, but the product is not defective, you may return it within 30 days after shipping. Custom products may not be returned. There is a restocking charge of 25%, plus you will be responsible for original and return shipping charges. Call for a RMA number before returning in original packing, in like new condition.

Large items such as server cabinets, racks and LAN racks may not be returned. All sizes and dimensions are clearly indicated in the product description. Please call your sales rep for assistance in ordering if you are unclear on any feature of a product.

Damage Claims

Very few packages arrive damaged, but it does happen. The transportation company is responsible for the safe delivery of your merchandise from the time it leaves the manufacturing dock to the time it arrives at your location. It is your responsibility to check for damaged merchandise before the truck driver leaves. Call us right away and we can assist in talking to the driver if you want help. (800) 352-6631.

In the unlikely event your merchandise arrives damaged, mark all shipping documents as "damaged in transit" with a description of the damage. You may then elect to refuse the shipment, accept it as is (minor scratch) or accept and file a damage claim if after further inspection it is unusable. Provisions apply. Please read the receiving instructions. You have five (5) calendar days after receipt of product to notify the shipping carrier if a damage claim needs to be filed. 

If the wrapping looks a little torn and you are not sure if there is damage, mark the bill of lading "damaged in transit" and you can inspect it more closely later in the same day. If it is damaged, you must notify the shipping company as above. 

Some wrapping materials are flexible. A package may look fine on the outside, but have a dent or puncture once it is unpacked. This is "concealed damage". Notify the trucking company immediately and request an inspection by the carrier. The trucking company is not liable for concealed transit damage unless notified within forty-eight (48) hours from receipt of merchandise. 

If you file a damage claim, keep all original shipping containers and outside wrapping. The transportation inspection agent has to see it to approve the claim.

It is useful to have a photo of any damage. If you can take digital photographs with a camera or your cell phone, it helps the carrier understand the extent of the damage. Final settlement of the claim is between you and the transportation company.

Reporting Concealed Damage Outline 


*This policy is in accordance with the National Motor Freight Classification Association 

Cancelling an Order 

Delivery trucks come and go at our dock all day. Orders may ship as soon as 1 hour after being received via telephone or the on-line shopping cart. 

We ship Monday-Friday. If you place an order and need to cancel, it may have already shipped. Once on a commercial freight carrier, we cannot call it back. If your order has shipped, freight charges and restocking fees apply. Orders that have not physically been packed on the truck will be stopped. All requests to cancel an order can be made by calling (800) 352-6631 and must be followed up immediately via email to . This gives all parties a written record of the request. Per our returns policy, some orders cannot be canceled.

Shipping on Customer's Account

If requested, when possible, we will ship on the customer's freight account. If the shipping company bills us as the shipper, you will be rebilled for all shipping costs. Customers electing to ship on their accounts will be responsible for filing all damage claims with the shipping company.