Learn more about Air Conditioned Server Cabinets

An air conditioned server cabinet can save your equipment from burning up in less-than-ideal areas. Warehouse, dirty environment, any room where ambient air does not allow for sufficient cooling, Air Conditioned Server Cabinets allow installation of sensitive electronics in harsh environments.

Units range from 4,000 BTU to dual 20,000 BTU configurations. Smaller air units can rackmount inside cabinet for clean aesthetics. Larger units externally sidemount, allowing entire internal U space to be utilized. These air conditioned server racks offer a unique condensate management system which eliminates drain tubes, buckets and wet floors.

Your account manager will work with you to determine the proper BTUs needed for your specific application. Air conditioned server racks ship assembled, without plug.

Go Green! Designed and manufactured to meet NEMA 12 standards. These air conditioned server racks are made in the USA  of American finished steel.

Fill out our interactive A/C Cabinet Checklist Here. With your assistance, account managers will be able to find the right air conditioned server rack or custom solution for you.

To discuss your project and server rack build, call toll free 1-800-962-2576 to talk with your account manager or email sales@serverrack.com.

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