Learn more about Swing Open Frame Wallmount Racks

These enclosed swing out racks and wall mount cabinets are ideal for security as well as mounting your equipment up and off the floor. Mount an open frame wall mount rack over a desk, existing telecom equipment or in a tight space such as a wiring closet.

Swing out racks allow easy access to equipment or wiring. Perfect for education classrooms, training rooms, professional offices, retail, restaurant or hospitality environments where equipment needs to be secure, yet accessible.

These 19" swing out enclosed wallmount cabinets range 6u to 22u. These open frame wall mount racks meet PCI compliant requirements for wallmount enclosures to protect electronics that contain credit card or consumer data.Order on line, call toll free 1-800-962-2576 to talk with your account manager or email sales@serverrack.com

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