Learn more about Charging Stations

Our charging and storage carts offer convenient solutions for keeping numerous devices charged, stored and secure. Designed for the 21st century, charging carts are essential for integrating technology into today’s classroom and provide educators with charging carts for Chromebooks, laptops and tablets.

Store, charge, and secure. Charging lockers are designed for multiple users who need to simultaneously charge their mobile devices in one location. Each individual locker has a personal digital key lock system providing a safe and secure environment for charging cell phones, tablets, laptops and Chromebooks.

A solid solution for customers’ computer charging needs. Stationary versions of their mobile cousins, the wall-/desk-mounted computer charging cabinets can be mounted to a wall or desk surface, making it the ideal choice for customers who require secure storage without compromising floor space. Padded interiors and rubber-coated dividers provide additional protection for these secure, locking stations that will fulfill your group-charging needs.

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